The Art of Patience

by Suns of Defiance

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The ART of PATIENCE is a year in the life of a rebel. And a lifetime of waiting for a dream to manifest. The long, slow walk from inception to completion. This album is dedicated to all who've made the choice to pursue their passions in life regardless of the wage slave prison all around us. For those brave enough to abandon their comfort zones & take a chance at what could be. Anything worth having in life requires dedication, persistence, pain, loss, risk, sacrafice & MOST OF ALL - PATIENCE!!

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released November 30, 2015

Produced, Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Drums & Percussion by Don Tonic (except "And Fools Shine On" written by Damon Johnson)

Mixed, Co Produced, Art Direction & Keys on "Save the World Song" by Omar Torres at Holografique Studios, Atlanta

Mastered by S. Husky Hoskulds at Groundlift Studios, Los Angeles

Guitars by Daniel Castillo

Additional Guitars by Rob Larkin, Derek Robbins, Vince Falzone, Vern Monnett & Dan Sindel

Bass by Dave Newlove, W. Kevin Vines, Jessie Sanchez & Benny Thomas Weiduwilt

Additional Vocals & Arrangement by Chaz Mason, JD Copperfield & Daniela Losey

Strings by Isaac Takeuchi & Morgan Paros

Vocals recorded by Joseph Holiday at the Bunny Ranch Studio, Hollywood

All of the Guitar Players recorded their own tracks

Drums & Bass recorded by Hector Rivera at No Matter What Studio, L.A.

Cover Art Concept by Tim Degroot for RareFormation, Atlanta

Cover Photo by Anderson William

Published by Sonic Entertainment Publishing (BMI)



all rights reserved


Suns of Defiance Los Angeles, California

Heavy "Mental" Music rockin your ass since 1992; the debut project by Singer/Songwriter/Drummer/Percussionist Don Tonic. Suns of Defiance captures the beauty & simplicity of pure rock fury along with a healthy reverence for the global fight against the man. ... more

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Track Name: California Revenue Whores
"How many times have you been outside & you get to your ride & you're violated?
The street sweepers equal dollar signs, trying to explain would take too much time.
You see a band on the Sunset Strip & you come out & shit & you've got a ticket?
You get the lesson but the fee is mine, all because you didn't wanna read 5 signs!!

They've got your name at the halls of justice better pay up soon before they tow your caw away.
The fuckin judge is an alcoholic cause I pour him his drinks down at the country club.
They claim it's safety but the state is broke, if they want quick cash they should've legalized it.
The lights yellow but the cameras are flashin so be ready for action when the mailman comes to your place.

The California Revenue Whores, are serving fines & settling scores.
Get out of line & you'll get a ticket, down on all fours my place or yours.
You do the crime & you pay the fine kid, and don't tell me you can't afford.
So cough it up, tell me to stick it, but you'll be crying when the judge wants more.

The California Revenue Whores, are serving fines & settling scores.
Get in their way & they'll take your payday, your knees are knocking & your legs are sore.
Step out of line into my design kid, we're getting paid like never before.
So cough it up, tell me to stick it, but you'll be crying when I give you a ticket."
Track Name: American Nightmare
Verse 1 - And first of all I tried, to live the simple life out on the great open divide.
Now go do what you’re told. The goal is to achieve & find success before you’re old.
Get your 4-year degree. Secure a corporate job, married with kids before 30.
That old white picket fence, is now a tent city. The scam is on, the dream’s a lie, it’s the American Nightmare.

Chorus 1 - And all this time I tried to keep my discontent contained. Yea but sometimes silence doesn’t solve a crime. Skills & clarity, are still my strategy.

Verse 2 - At first I tried to wipe, and wash the sins aside, and thought the world had passed me by.
I caved to some degree, I got my numbers right & bought a little property.
The fall came un-announced, and after years of making mortgage payments lost my house.
I ease the pain with weed, but drums are all I need. The bills are paid, the dreams alive, in the American Nightmare.

Chorus 2 - And all this time I tried to vent the anger & the rage, yea but sometimes violence doesn’t solve a thing. Song & parody, are my reality.

Chorus 3 - And all this time I tried to make a living in this hell, yea but sometimes trying doesn’t mean a thing. Friends & family, are my security.
Track Name: Welcome to La
Verse 1 - Armed with all the means I will engage upon my plans.
Armed with all I need I move as swiftly as I can.
Soon I will arrive with all my dreams held in my head.
I’m down to face the day. I will be fast upon my way.
I’m so Large!!
Verse 2 - Armed with all I’ve learned I move & stay against the grain.
Armed with all I’ve seen I rise above the aeroplane.
Soon I will arise. I will amuse & entertain.
I’m down to make the grade out on the path where dreams were laid.
Chorus 1 – As the winter fades my grey skies blaze to everglades.
As the winners fall I stay emblazed in why I came.
Bridge – Show me the way. Tell me all of my dreams won’t fade.
Show me the wave. Let me ride my way to outer space.
Chorus 2 – As the winter fades my grey skies blaze to everglades.
As the winners fall I stay emblazed in why I came.
Show me the Way.
I’m Solar!!
Track Name: Sunset
Verse 1 – Before I go away, there’s something I should say.
That there’s more to me & you.
The further out I stray, the more it makes me think, (of) how I long to be with you.
Verse 2 – The more I roll as one, the more I want to run,
my fingers through your hair.
If I could find a way, for you & I to play,
out in the Sun again.
Chorus 1 – Have you ever contemplated, in the recess of your mind, that someday we’d meet again.
That maybe in the end, we’d be lying in the Sunset.
Chorus 2 – Have you ever contemplated, in the recess of your soul, that someday we’d see the Sun.
That maybe when we’re done, we’d be together in the Sunset.
Track Name: Miss You
Verse 1.  -  Before you left, we were friends.
                   And said we’d be down til the end.
                   Ever since we were kids,
                   Supported everything I did.
                   I miss you, I’m turned out.
                  This wasn’t what you were about.
                  Your life force was ruined,
                  Til you could not go on my friend.
Chorus 1. -  And ever since you went away,
                   There’s so much more I’d like to say.
                   You’ve found some peace I’ll give you that,
                   Even though your life lines flat.
                   Your world’s a stage. So maybe there,
                   The lights all shine on you again.
                   In time you’ll be remembered as my bro.
Verse 2. -   The present tense of this place,
                   Is leaving you (that) I can’t replace.
                   So maybe there is full of grace?
                   I know your heaven is a place,
                   With drum thrones & drum sticks,
                   Crown Royal, maybe horror flicks.
                   With kind buds & mosh pits,
                   Crowd surfing on the other side.
Chorus 2. -  And now & then, me & Jay,
                    Bonz & Travis even Sean,
                    We reminisce, your crazy ass.
                    Summer should’ve left you!!
                    Your worlds a stage. So maybe there,
                    The bands you’ve worked for rule again.
Bridge –    And maybe next time you’ll be one with the trees.
                  And hopefully your dad is by your side.
                  And life is good, cause it never ends.
                  We only reinvent ourselves.
                  I’m with you even though we’re threads,
                  Of a tapestry that fades…
Chorus 3. – And ever since you went away,
                    Mom & sisters hold you close.
                    No more escapes (for you), there’s only now.
                    We’ll get used to this somehow.
                    The worlds a stage. So maybe then,
                    The lights shine down on you again.
                    In time you’ll be remembered as our friend…
Track Name: Mozarts Perfect Interlude
The Rebel of his day, back stabbed by yet another two faced swine.
Track Name: Buenas Noches
Verse 1 - So I hear them problems got you tweakin.
And you can’t seem to make it right.
Got 2 up in the chamber.
Gonna win a losin fight.
And now I hear you screamin,
all this biz & jazz of things gone wrong.
Or could it be,
you 86ed before I preached this song?

Chorus 1 – Was your life a pretty cage?
Screamin fits & bloody rage?
Were you some renegade?
Turn the page back, let’s decipher what it meant to you.

Verse 2 – You’re all alone, there’s no one home.
The night is cold I’m thinking.
You’ve lost you way, your patience brief,
your time is short, your options slowly shrinking.
Say you’re fed up, with all these lies.
You tried to cry, but surely no one’s listening.
Say one last time, “I’ll take what’s mine, I’m feeling fine”.
But surely something’s missing.

Chorus 2 – Suicide’s no easy answer.
Make these problems go away.
Hold me up, can’t face tomorrow.
Heal the hurt from yesterday.

Tag – Sometimes we all go through some problems.
Sometimes we’re all afraid.
Sometimes we can’t find self forgiveness.
Hold your head up & survive another day.

(And if you can’t, well then)

Goodnight. Goodnight. Goodnight. Goodnight. Goodnight.
Track Name: Invisible Walls
Verse 1. The more I think of you, and how long we’ve been at peace.
But things have changed in your world, and I’m drifting towards the least.
The more I speak to you, the silence is deafening.
I face the invisible wall, surrounded by memories.
Chorus 1. And all this time & what was meant to be.
All these things are left to disagree.
All these lines that test your faith again.
Having things is good but where’s your friend?
Verse 2. I know I’ve made some mistakes, but don’t take things to extremes.
Accept me for who I am, not who you think I should be.
The truth is all sewn up, and shrouded in mystery.
I scale the invisible wall, and climb my way back to peace.
Chorus 2. And all this time success was meant to be.
All these times & never enemies.
All these lines that separate again.
Having things is good but where’s my friend?
Tag - But if things work out then maybe one day soon.
We’ll be moving forward & drinking Belgian.
Track Name: Save the World Song
Verse 1 - If I could change the world, I’d do it all today.
Help you see the light & show another way.
If I could ease your pains, with change to bring about.
I’d chase your blues away, make everything work out.
Chorus 1 - And what if I could fly and erase the hands of time?
That doesn’t sound half bad. It’s all enough for me.
And what if I could sing? I’d bring together
 Songs of We United.
Verse 2 - If I could change the way, the evil lawyers think.
I’d turn this thing around & take us from the brink.
If I could start again & bring back yesterday.
I’d go indigenous & find a new pathway.
Chorus 2 - And what if I was right & everything was fine?
I know it sounds crazy, that we could change so easily.
And we would all be glad, for everything we had.
Bridge - Cause time won’t wait for me. I’m hoping some will see
And take the time to think & act responsibly.
The futures in OUR hands, so don’t you ever doubt
The purpose that’s inside of you.
Cause I can do ANYTHING & so can YOU!!
So just give it a try & maybe we’ll get by.
Oh yea.
Verse 3 - If I could Save the World, I’d give you everything.
And feed your families, with seeds planted in spring.
If I could stop the man, who poisons all the lands (Monsanto)
And lend a helping hand, to Mother Natures plan.
Chorus 3 - And I will not turn back, cause NOWS the time to act.
I’m hoping that you’ll be, the change you want to see.
And what if I could write? I’d bring together
Songs of We United.