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This song is a tribute to the life of our dear friend & brother Brandon E. Barker. Gone way too young, the void he's behind left will never be filled. Celebrate the life you have. Cause one day we'll all be chillin on the other side with this fool!!


Verse 1.  -  Before you left, we were friends.
                   And said we’d be down til the end.
                   Ever since we were kids,
                   Supported everything I did.
                   I miss you, I’m turned out.
                  This wasn’t what you were about.
                  Your life force was ruined,
                  Til you could not go on my friend.
Chorus 1. -  And ever since you went away,
                   There’s so much more I’d like to say.
                   You’ve found some peace I’ll give you that,
                   Even though your life lines flat.
                   Your world’s a stage. So maybe there,
                   The lights all shine on you again.
                   In time you’ll be remembered as my bro.
Verse 2. -   The present tense of this place,
                   Is leaving you (that) I can’t replace.
                   So maybe there is full of grace?
                   I know your heaven is a place,
                   With drum thrones & drum sticks,
                   Crown Royal, maybe horror flicks.
                   With kind buds & mosh pits,
                   Crowd surfing on the other side.
Chorus 2. -  And now & then, me & Jay,
                    Bonz & Travis even Sean,
                    We reminisce, your crazy ass.
                    Summer should’ve left you!!
                    Your worlds a stage. So maybe there,
                    The bands you’ve worked for rule again.
Bridge –    And maybe next time you’ll be one with the trees.
                  And hopefully your dad is by your side.
                  And life is good, cause it never ends.
                  We only reinvent ourselves.
                  I’m with you even though we’re threads,
                  Of a tapestry that fades…
Chorus 3. – And ever since you went away,
                    Mom & sisters hold you close.
                    No more escapes (for you), there’s only now.
                    We’ll get used to this somehow.
                    The worlds a stage. So maybe then,
                    The lights shine down on you again.
                    In time you’ll be remembered as our friend…


from The Art of Patience, track released November 30, 2015
Produced, Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Drums & Percussion by Don Tonic

Guitars by Dan Castillo

Bass by Dave Newlove

Guitar Solo by Vince Falzone 

Mixed & Co Produced by Omar Torres at Holografique Studio, Atlanta

Mastered by S. Husky Hoskulds

Vocals Recorded by Joseph Holiday at the Bunny Ranch, Hollywood

Guitars Recorded by Dan Castillo & Vince Falzone

Drums Recorded by Hector Rivera at No Matter What Studio, L.A.

Published by Sonic Entertainment Publishing (BMI)



all rights reserved


Suns of Defiance Los Angeles, California

Heavy "Mental" Music rockin your ass since 1992; the debut project by Singer/Songwriter/Drummer/Percussionist Don Tonic. Suns of Defiance captures the beauty & simplicity of pure rock fury along with a healthy reverence for the global fight against the man. ... more

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