American Nightmare

from by Suns of Defiance



American Nightmare is about how the "American Dream" was really a fraud all along. This song is a dedication to all the American people who lost their houses during the 2008 corporate scam known as the housing bubble crisis. Hopefully friends & family have brought you back to a good place.


Verse 1 - And first of all I tried, to live the simple life out on the great open divide.
Now go do what you’re told. The goal is to achieve & find success before you’re old.
Get your 4-year degree. Secure a corporate job, married with kids before 30.
That old white picket fence, is now a tent city. The scam is on, the dream’s a lie, it’s the American Nightmare.

Chorus 1 - And all this time I tried to keep my discontent contained. Yea but sometimes silence doesn’t solve a crime. Skills & clarity, are still my strategy.

Verse 2 - At first I tried to wipe, and wash the sins aside, and thought the world had passed me by.
I caved to some degree, I got my numbers right & bought a little property.
The fall came un-announced, and after years of making mortgage payments lost my house.
I ease the pain with weed, but drums are all I need. The bills are paid, the dreams alive, in the American Nightmare.

Chorus 2 - And all this time I tried to vent the anger & the rage, yea but sometimes violence doesn’t solve a thing. Song & parody, are my reality.

Chorus 3 - And all this time I tried to make a living in this hell, yea but sometimes trying doesn’t mean a thing. Friends & family, are my security.


from The Art of Patience, track released January 21, 2013
Produced, Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Drums & Percussion by Don Tonic

Guitars by Dan Castillo

Bass by Benny Thomas Weiduwilt

Guitar Solo by Derek Robbins

Additional Vocals & Arrangement by Chaz Mason

Mixed & Co Produced by Omar Torres for Holografique Studio, Atlanta

Mastered by S. Husky Hoskulds

Vocals Recorded by Joseph Holiday at the Bunny Ranch, Hollywood

Guitars Recorded by Dan Castillo & Derek Robbins

Drums Recorded by Hector Rivera at No Matter What Studio, L.A.

Published by Sonic Entertainment Publishing (BMI)



all rights reserved


Suns of Defiance Los Angeles, California

Heavy "Mental" Music rockin your ass since 1992; the debut project by Singer/Songwriter/Drummer/Percussionist Don Tonic. Suns of Defiance captures the beauty & simplicity of pure rock fury along with a healthy reverence for the global fight against the man. ... more

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